Dear Old Guys Who Send In PPT Applications:

I am not a gentleman. I am not a sir. But here, have your PPT anyway. I guess I’m nice like that.

From: Lady PPT Adjudicator



When someone flirts with me.

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Yo MM, where is your god now?

oh hey look at that

oh and look who served it to me

oh that’s right.  Because it’s the OFFICIAL coffee

Not some sort of “proud partner” nonsense.  That’s weak sauce.  That’s like the Diet Coke of sponsorships.



Call it what you want! They’re still cheating on youuuu

Yo MM, where is your god now?


Your name is KARKAT VANTAS and hey, if Terezi wants to spend her time with some SMUG HUFFLEPUFF DOUCHEBAG IN NOOKCHAFINGLY EGREGIOUS SHADES AND A PERSONALITY THAT’S ONLY SLIGHTLY LESS VOMIT INSPIRING, that’s totally her business!  It’s not like you’re JEALOUS OR ANYTHING.

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pearlgirl710 asked: IT WAS FREEZING


omg rite i got p wet from ours 

yours looked even WORSE


ALS Ice Bucket Challenge - pearlgirl710

I got nominated by JJ, Theresa, Regan, and Scone to do ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! I actually didn’t even know you lameoids had tagged me until Theresa texted me back yesterday I don’t understand how I missed all three of your posts on my dash but I did 

ANYWAYS here’s my recording of me getting doused in ice water!! (I will also be donating!) 

Challenged by: pyropi // terieri // cowbuttcrunchies

aaaand I CHOOSE: orangelemonart // cosmictier // centeris2 // scribblesafterdark

Have fun guys!!

wwell at least SOMEONE remembered

Just kidding! Thanks you two and everyone else who wished me a happy birthday yesterday :D I had a great day and it’s only going to get better!!


our Sunday cosplays: Arya and The Hound!


Sakizou Arts Preview
Dragoncon 2014

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