terieri replied to your post “Omg its the hot cronus from awa ily!! >//”

ur still my hot cronus

Ahaha, thank you, hun. And you will always be my Eridan with the picture perfect snarls.


Partying hard on a Saturday night

Poofy Princely Pants: Achieved.

pseudorealm asked: I'm going to be a lil poop here and go with Signless - Jesus Christ Superstar. 8D



Broken Zahhak glasses were the Signless true legacy. 

Requests are Mutuals Only!

thank you pseudo for requesting this and bonez for drawing it it is perfect

#jcss  #homestuck  

I look good today.




New arrangement is posted! This one is of Gold Pilot, composed by First Turn Fold. The beginning of the original was used in [S] Act 6 Act 6 Intermission 1, but my arrangement is of the full 5-minute piece.

Oh my word…
I seriously teared-up during this. You have done what I’ve failed to: Arrange Gold Pilot in any cohesive way for solo piano. And it’s absolutely Gorgeous!
Thank you so much, my friend. It’s an honor to be so expertly covered!

Thank you! I just spent several minutes being very excited that you found this and liked it.  Thank you for having written the piece, and for your kind words. I enjoyed arranging and learning it, and it’s very rewarding to read feedback from the composer himself.

If you have any interest, here’s the sheet music for my arrangement.

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Nella and Pandora

Dear Old Guys Who Send In PPT Applications:

I am not a gentleman. I am not a sir. But here, have your PPT anyway. I guess I’m nice like that.

From: Lady PPT Adjudicator



When someone flirts with me.

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Yo MM, where is your god now?

oh hey look at that

oh and look who served it to me

oh that’s right.  Because it’s the OFFICIAL coffee

Not some sort of “proud partner” nonsense.  That’s weak sauce.  That’s like the Diet Coke of sponsorships.



Call it what you want! They’re still cheating on youuuu