I am imagining your reaction upon finding that mirror and it’s glorious

spookysonata asked: that fuckin hand mirror oh my cod

It was a lucky find at Michaels if you can believe it. I threw on some Eridan stuff in the photoset because the Humanstuck!Fef is supposed to be his beau. This is, of course, before she finds out hes a cape douche B(

yourfavvoratefishyprince asked: Hello! My names mattie and I saw you at AAC this past weekend and I was the the dualscar that was super afraid to talk to you Q///v///Q you're like one of my cosplay idols and I just wanted to thank you for being so friendly (/)>///v///<(\)

**runs and hides in dumpster**

You were/are also wonderful! Powwer to the Ampora cosplayers <33

"buh whats on tumblr"

"wait a freakin minute. it couldn’t have gone that high without me sayin-"

"what’s up guys? you’re all beautiful and have amazin taste."

Sorry I haven’t said hi to all of you yet! Feel free to hit me up about anything. You are all obviously interesting and lovely people <3


look at all these silly Amporas in my sketchbook.
im trash

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Human!Stuck JusticeSpice and GlubSpice

Prince of Dope

Lick of Lovve


baller wwings